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Being under lockdown can be a pretty frustrating experience - especially when you don't have a garden and all your neighbours do!

Mark Sullivan got so worked up watching his neighbours have a gala time in their gardens that he came up with his own interesting/slightly mad way of having fun at home.

He fitted a giant 38 square foot jacuzzi in his living room. 

The jacuzzi was a gift from his cousin during the lockdown (we would love to have a cousin like this one).

The jealous man spent 15 hours putting the jacuzzi together, three hours filling it up with water and 12 hours for the hot tub to heat up.

The birth of a "legend"

His friends called him a 'legend' for it, Ladbible reported.

Photos show Sullivan enjoying the jacuzzi in the middle of his house in North Wales.

The jacuzzi is just inches away from his sofa and television.

"I posted on Facebook a picture of the jacuzzi and loads of people commented. The lads said I was 'mental' doing it and everyone thought that I was daft - especially my dad."

"Everyone said that I wouldn't put it up and it would ruin my front room, but it never did. People didn't think I'd put it up - but I like to prove people wrong."

Mark said that he also laid out a few towels around the area to protect the carpet.

"I just had a few beers and drinks in it by myself and had the radio on - it was nice and relaxing,” he said.

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