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Uncomfortable intuitive impressions from someone close to you might prove troubling. Is your friend feeling ill, or bothered about events beyond their control? Your friend probably won't want to talk much about it, so you'll just have to bear with him or her and let them tell you what's on their mind when the time is right. This could be frustrating for you, but be patient. That's all you can do now.Having a hard time? Find the answers that you seek!

Your love horoscope

You could be feeling a little frustrated about romance. You could be challenged by some logistical problems. Maybe your sweetheart lives far away, and it has become difficult to maintain your long-distance relationship. Or perhaps one of you is traveling all the time for work, disrupting your time together. Try not to let outside circumstances discourage you. If the relationship is still a powerful one, it's worth a little extra effort!

Your career horoscope

Today you could engage in some verbal debates. Your mind will be racing with creative ideas and strong opinions. All of this mental energy has to be expressed somehow. Share your thoughts with a receptive colleague, but don't push your opinions at more stubborn types. Try to adopt a less aggressive tone if you want to avoid a fistfight at the water cooler! If you remain tactful today, you can keep out of harm's way.

Your finance horoscope

This could be the day for some surprising insights and revelations. There could be a buzz of intrigue in the air. It's a good day to pay attention to gossip that is happening in your home neighborhood. If you listen carefully, you could learn something about an interesting event or person. This information could prove helpful to you in some way. So don't be afraid to play amateur detective today!

Your wellbeing horoscope

This may be one of those difficult days, in which you feel pressured to get things done and tasks underway, yet there is indecisiveness and hesitation lingering in your mind. Being caught between a rock and hard place is no easy spot to be in, but you will find your way out somehow. Perhaps the thing you need to do is make a move - any move. You will find that once you get the energy flowing, the direction you need to take will become clearer.

Tomorrow's horoscope

If there is something you need to go out and fight for, this is the time to do it. For a while now, you have been collecting data and doing research on the best way to proceed. The time has come to take action. You have an extra boost of physical vitality, and your warrior instinct is strong. You feel like a volcano ready to spit out the hot and boiling lava. Trust and follow your instincts.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from June 07 to June 13

Life:?As of Tuesday, you’ll make a conscious?effort to rationalize your decisions?before jumping into anything. Listen to your intuition and you’ll make the best choices. Saturn and Neptune will give you what it takes to analyze tough situations.

Love:?If people have recently promised you things, perhaps you ought to ask yourself how sincere they are. It’s time for you to focus on who your real friends are and to leave behind the disloyal people in your entourage.

Discover the secrets to your success.Here are your free predictions for the month of June

Capricorn Love Horoscope

There's good news and bad news this month! First of all, Mercury, which is retrograde from 18, could lead to?communication difficulties, misunderstandings or delays in your plans. However, the good news is that Venus direct from the 25th will take you out of your thoughts and push you to act to improve your love life.

Capricorn Career Horoscope

In mid-June, Mars and Neptune inspire you in all your creations?and give you faith in what you do. Then, the stars will hand you a shortcut and help you establish your authority, there is still time to impose yourself!?

Wellbeing horoscope

Beware of an annoying Mercury who likes to complicate your practical life!

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