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You know, you don't have to be at everyone's beck and call all the time. You know just how exhausting this can actually be, and how much you can get out of contact with yourself. You should try and take some time out today to take a good look at your life to see where you are going. Go for a walk, or take a nice long bubble bath. Things will seem much more clear after a day of relaxation and reflection.Our amazing advisors are here to help you through!

Your love horoscope

You like being the center of attention. You love it when all eyes focus on you. You could say that you were born to lead others. You only have a slight problem of organization. Try to solve this problem today so that your leadership can no longer be challenged. Great leaders need to be organized to assert their power!

Your career horoscope

Today you're likely to complete a creative project of some kind, which you may have been working on for some time. You might want to consult with friends or colleagues and get their feedback on what you're doing and listen to their advice. They may point out both strong and weak points of which you've been previously unaware, and this should definitely prove invaluable for you. The results you achieve may surprise even you. Go for it!

Your finance horoscope

You might feel an unusual sense of flow. Although you might have an enormous number of things that you need to get done right now, you'll be able to maintain a positive attitude about it all. You will float effortlessly from one task to another. You could handle phone calls with grace and style. You might enjoy returning efficient but witty e-mails to people. And you'll find that your professional meetings go smoothly.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You may feel a real need to get moving today. Most everyone can prefer quiet activities, books, art, and even just sitting around to physical activity at some times. By not being too active, though, your health may suffer. Fresh air, exercise and sunshine are vital to your well-being. When you feel the urge to get up and do something active, don't resist! Chances are you'll really enjoy yourself.

Tomorrow's horoscope

The desire to return to school and start learning again might be very strong right now. The problem is, you may have so many different interests that you aren't sure what field you want to pursue. By all means return to college, but before you apply, consider very carefully exactly what you want to concentrate on - then make your decision. You'll probably end up in an interdisciplinary area of study, anyhow, so don't think you're giving anything up.

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Life:?At work, you’ll have to put your trust and faith in your coworkers if you are to finish a project on time. Learning to trust your coworkers is a big step for you and will teach you that not everyone is a backstabber. ?

Love:?If you are in a relationship, jealousy could push you away from your partner this week. When it comes to your family, a financial issue could create enormous tension.?When arguments appear, be mature and choose to communicate.

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Aquarius Love Horoscope

Between the 3rd and the 5th, you are?soaking up the fulfilling atmosphere. If you are in a relationship, your understanding based on the communion of ideas is perfect. If you are single, these dates offer you a springboard for a promising encounter during the month. On the 25th, Venus resumes its direct course.?

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Around the 13th, you can count on Mars and Neptune to inspire you in your creations and set you apart from the rest. On the 18th, Mercury retrograde asks you to be more vigilant because forgetfulness, breakdowns or delays may slow down your race. At the end of the month, you have a slightly bitter taste in your mouth because certain objectives will not have been achieved.

Wellbeing horoscope

Above all, do not?exhaust your nerves?in the face of setbacks, be philosophical. You'll see, everything will work out in the end!

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